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Otto Bloemen completed his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and his Masters degree in Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.


We emigrated to Canada and founded OJB-Industries in the same year. The first product was a silage dump wagon, of which we built three during the summer of 2010. All our products are designed, built and extensively tested on our family dairy farm.


For one of our innovations we won the Regional Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence 2010. Through this award, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs recognizes the invaluable contributions of Ontario’s agricultural innovators.
We won this price for our self-designed undercarriage, which can be used for hauling liquid manure, solid manure and silage.


For the first year, OJB-Industries is one of the over 750 exhibitors at the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock. The show showcases the latest technologies in Agriculture. At this show we introduced the first Rock Trailer.


The first Truck Box was build in 2012.


Manure had been recognized more and more as a valuable source of nutrients and a good soil conditioner when applied to farm land. So we wanted to develop a manure spreader that was able to spread all types of manure with a nice even spread pattern. In 2011 we introduced our first Manure Spreader. It spreads all types of manure: chicken, cattle, compost and sand. It has a vertical beater design and life floor. Our first -satisfied- customer was a large chicken farmer in Ontario.


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Our Rock Trailer became a huge hit, and we introduced three different models: RT10, RT16 and RT24



The demand for OJB-Industries was still rising and we outgrew our production space. The decision was made to build a new 10.000 sq ft production facility. Instead of outsourcing, we purchased our own manufacturing equipment so we can do our own cutting, forming and end spray painting. It is expected to be ready in 2017.

We proudly presented our extended line of products at the 2016 Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstok.


Our new production facility was ready for use summer 2017. This video explains how we set out to build a cost-effective wood-frame building with high insulation value. Inside the 24-foot-high shop we added a separate crane structure, which eliminated the need for a steel building. We took the same innovative approach to heating the building. We generate our own hydro using a natural gas generator. Now we are ready to build more high quality products!