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Rock Trailers

OJB industries makes heavy duty rock trailers made for jobs were severe duty is required. The single axle rock trailers come in 3 different models, which are ranked by tonnage. We have a 10, 16 and 24 ton model in single axle configuration, and a 34 ton model with a walking beam tandem.

The volume tonnage ratio is based on specs of the self-propelled rock trucks; our 24 ton model is comparable volume wise to a A25 rock truck. All model trailers are built to handle real rocks, cement, stumps gravel and dirt. All models have a ¾” AR400 floor, this is high tensile steel and is used on cutting edges of buckets and snowplow blades, the sidewalls are made out of 3/8” QT100 steel and are formed out of 1 piece.